Midi Remote: Cannot bind Stereo Panner "Pan Left/Right 2" on "Selected Channel"

I am using the Stereo combined Panner as default Panner for Stereo tracks.
“Pan Left/Right 2” is not shown in Midi Remote Assign List.
When using “Last Touched” for Assign it is bound to a several track, but I want to bind two knobs to the “Pan Left/Right” and “Pan Left/Right 2” of the “Seleted Track”

Hi there, here’s a way to do it:
Upon creating your second pan (by assigning it to a specific track as you’ve already written), you should now see something like this:

Now, in order to make your second knob NOT binded to this specific track, but to any Selected track, go down to this screen and alter two things:

  1. The scope: Change the big “P” letter to “G” which makes your mapping Global instead of bind to this specific project, and

  2. The Focus. (Focus mode). Choose “Track selection” instead of “Fixed”, as shown in the following screenshot:

Your screen should now look like this:

@m.c Brilliant work-around. Thanks a lot.
BUT I can only confirm this configuration working when both of the entries are forced to be bound to “Standard Panner | Selected Track” . Leaving Left panner on the “pan” entry from the function list resulted in weird things in my case.

But like shown here I can confirm it working also backwards compatible with MONO Tracks

Sorry, not sure I understand. Don’t you have two completely separate knobs for these bindings?

Yes. Two completely different knobs. But the assignment Detail seemed to be important. I had to ensure that both knobs are assigned to subfunctions of (Standard Panner|Selected Track). When the Left/Mono Knob was bound only to (Selected Track) an the Right Knob was bound to (Standard Panner|Selected Track) as in your screenshot it didn’t work in my case .
But thanks again. Now I have a WorkAround for these entries missing in the function list.

Glad this helped (I’m no advanced Cubase user, didn’t even know about the combined panner to be honest :joy: )

Does not work in Cubase 13, there is no option to bind Pan Left-Right2.

Yes, just checked this, I agree.