MIDI remote can't controll selected MIDI channel?

I set up a fader on a hardware controller sending CC7 to control volume on selected tracks.
The hardware fader sends CC7 to the MIDI monitor in Cubase no problem.
Tried to asign it to a fader in the MIDI remote and it works fine.
Audio and Instrument channels are OK but if I select a MIDI channel nothing happens.
What do I do wrong?


I see you can use the VST instrument Rack channels as targets?
But a thing called “MIDI remote” must be able to control MIDI Tracks, right?

I see you can float the MIDI remote window but as soon as it’s not in focus i.e. you have clicked elsewhere then it disappears. Isn’t there some kind of “Always on top” button somewhere?

I also miss some kind of Key Command to scroll through the pages so you don’t have to have the GUI open?


This is known limitation. MIDI Remote doesn’t control MIDI tracks.

Thanks anyway!

They did say they were planning to fix this, but we’ll see.

MIDI Remote Mixer does not recognize MIDI Tracks - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

(May not be the exact same issue but I’m hoping its get fixed)

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Maybe this is related: I noticed that the track quick controls for MIDI channels behave differently than other channels. Specifically, the track quick controls for all non-MIDI channels can be controlled by the focus quick controls.

This even sort-of works for sampler channels (which are odd and buggy in other ways, see my posts on this.) But for MIDI channels, the track quick controls only work with the legacy track QC assignments.

And to make matters worse, the legacy QC assignments cannot be used at the same time as the focus QC with the same device. So the only work-around I’ve found is to disable the MIDI remote script(s) when I want to control a MIDI channel. Then re-enable to control all other channel types.