Midi Remote, can't find "Edit insert plugin"

Hi All,
Haven’t been on the forum forever:-). Anyway I have a Generic Remote setup, the old clunky system, and I want to transferit to the new midi remote system. Most of it is fine BUT, I have a TUNER in an insert of a group channel mapped to a keystroke which sends a CC via Bomes midi translator, which is great for accessing the tuner quickly. However in the new Midi Remote I can’t find the “Insert Edit” function which I used in the old system. to open the Tuner. When it tells me to move a control in Cubase, I click the “e” but it doesn’t recognise it. Am I missing something?? Best Regards, Dave

AFAICS, the following should work :

  1. In the project window lower zone, activate the MIDI Remote pane
  2. Select the MIDI controller
  3. Double click on the involved control : this should open the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant.
  4. In the Functions browser, go to Selected track > Insert & Strip Effects > Inserts Viewer > Parameters > Edit Plug-in.

But doing so with a button control allows just the first insert plug-in window of a given channel to appear, at least on my end. So, if the Tuner plug-in is in first position, that should work. Otherwise… :neutral_face:

Hope it will help, though…

Hi Cubic

Thanks for the reply, I got it working, as long as that channel is selected. Do you know if there is a way for midi remote to select that channel by name and then apply the ‘open editor’ operation

Best Regards Dave

Sorry for the late answer…

Don’t think that it’s possible, sadly, but I’m not truely accustomed to the MIDI Remote arcane stuff, yet. So, I hope that someone more at ease with it will chime in…

I believe this should be possible if you use Project Logical Editor and create a macro to select the track based name.

Use this PLE. It will select the track based on its name. In this case it’s “Juno”:

Then you would need something to trigger the edit insert command. Ideally you would do this in the same PLE in the bottom right (Post-Process Commands) but I’m not sure if that command is there. I guess if it’s not there, it’s not in the key commands so you wouldn’t be able to create a macro. Still you may be able to create a macro in your controller so that it sends:
MIDI Command 1: Select Track based on name PLE
MIDI Command 2: Edit Insert

Hope that helps.

Btw, how did you get the Edit Plug-In command to work? How does it know which insert you want to edit?

Hi David

Thanks for the reply,I did eventually get this to work. To get the
edit plug in command to work one has to select it in the "Browse
Functions"menu,it’s fiddly,but it does work!!

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