Midi remote, change assignment on trigger

Hello all,
I’m new to the new midi remote scripting in cubase 12. I understand the basic functions.
I am curious how deep this goes and would like to know if it’s possible to change an assignment of a knob with an midi trigger.
De for instance: I have a rotary sending control change 1 and is assignment to change the volume of a track. Could this be changed to controlling Pan if I send a ‘note on’ to cubase on another midi input. (this is just an example)
(this would make it possible to change the complete controller settings on a specific midi event)

Yes it is possible and not in just way only.

  1. By using subPages. You assign your other control (say, a note) to browse to your next sub page, where your initial control will behave completely differently,

  2. By using custom Value Variables. This is a bit more complicated at first but worth the effort.

I’ll give you an example from my own script:

I’ve assigned 4 controls (pads to be precise) to behave as states’ switchers. So, combined with my default encoders, I get 5 different tasks performed (The first being the encoder with no pad pressed).

Here’s a screenshot of my Jog wheel and its actions, on its own and when I use pads for the other modes.


Hi mchantzi,
I understand bwhat you are saying, but I don’t know how to find these option. Is there a documentation on this ??
Second, the ‘state switches’ are send on a different midi interface as the rotary information. Can a midi remote handle more midi inputs at the samd time ??


Not much (if any), I’m afraid, you’re right on this. There is the README_v1.html file inside the scripts folder, which provides some examples and the API’s definitions. I myself spent some hours to figure out what I had to do in such cases. Who knows, maybe in the future, there will be a better documentation.

Ok, But this sound very promising!! At least the means to do it seems to be there only the way to do it is let’s say ’ unpaved’.
Is it possible to share this script of yours ??If I see the scripting I probably understand the way how thing work.
But thanks!! for the quick response. At least now I know it can work and it worth to put some time and effort into this.

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In the next days, I’m going to share my script here and in CubasePro FB page, no worries. I too hope it would be of help, though it’s targeting a specific midi controller (Arturia’s Keylab MK2) and its code is semi-spaghetti to not be that hard on myself :joy:
In fact, this is the reason I’m delaying uploading, to make things a bit clearer to anyone who’s wiling to read this stuff.
BUT, I can tell you this: The new API of Steinberg made possible things that were a dream for me, and couldn’t possibly make (without TOO much effort) using my other outside of Cubase toolset.

I understand to scribt is very specific, but still it is probably showing the way of thinking. Allthough I haven’t looked into the new API a lot yet… if it’s doing what I think it is, it would make it possible to completely program you own controller behavior. Yes it would take a lot of time and effort but it would be very rewarding. But again I don’t know the limits yet. I now certainly going to look into this!!!