Midi remote control, midi cc data written in addition to QC automation lanes

Hello everyone
New question about midi remote control, quick controls and MIDI CC data and automation lanes.
In order to have bidirectional on my XY pad on iPad, I’m now trying to use Quick Controls for expression, dynamics and other VST controls.
So I’ve copied the automation data from the MIDI CC lanes to the Quick Controls lanes on the existing tracks.
And when I want to change the automation lanes on an existing track, for example, as shown in the video, everything works fine.
But when I record a new track, even if I specify that only the Quick Controls are writable for automation, this also saves the MIDI CC data in the track, unlike in the previous example.
Or I leave automation in full read/write mode, but instead of writing 2 automation lanes, it writes 4 (2 QC and 2 MIDI CC).
Why didn’t I get this double recording on the existing tracks?

Unless it makes sense to keep both the quick control automation lanes and the midi CCs without risking bugs? If that’s the case, it simplifies things.
Knowing that my only need to use the QCs is to have feedback on my control surface so that the cursor moves according to the curve.

Thanks for your help

So I finally found a workaround, namely to assign CC11 and CC1 directly to QC 1 and 2 instead of the VST controls. And everything works perfectly, except for one detail: I don’t know why, when I set my sliders to zero, it registers 1 as the minimum on the automation lane.