Midi Remote Control

Is there any chance to control more than 8 parameter (Quick control) in a VST insert? Obviously no midi messages are provided to an insert slot or am I’m wrong?

Hi, sure. You can do it either by altering the number of parameters per bank, and/or assigning two controls to the previous/next bank of parameters of the insert. Note that this is working for the focused insert slot.



(Sorry for hijacking this thread a little.)
@m.c Is this true? I don’t use banks but can assign any number of VST Parameters on a single MR page. (I have 32 controllers on the same device.)

Thanks a lot. You made my day - or even week!! :grinning:

Yes, either by using the assistant as shown in the screenshots, or by iterating through the values we want using scripting. This covers both the instrument and the fx quick controls.

Perhaps we are talking about slightly different aspects, but as I said, I do not make use of banks in my MR scripts and can successfully map more than 8 parameters.
For instruments for example, I simply use

var instrumentSlot = p.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mMixerChannel.mInstrumentPluginSlot
var ParameterValue = instrumentSlot.mParameterBankZone.makeParameterValue()

Then I loop through my controllers and bind to ParameterValue.
I do not believe banking is necessary in this case at least. I would assume that assigning parameters using the Mapping Assistant didn’t force you to use banks either(?).

Here’s the same setting on my end. Still 8 as I have never used/changed it.

Hi, in scripting the setup is done by iteration as I’ve stated above and you correctly do already.

var instrumentSlot = p.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mMixerChannel.mInstrumentPluginSlot
for(var i=0;i<32;i++){
   var ParameterValue = instrumentSlot.mParameterBankZone.makeParameterValue()

My reply earlier to the OP was strictly about the mapping assistant, because most of the time, users are referring to the assistant and not scripting.

I see. I suppose I’m a different breed as I always think of scripting before the mapping assistant. :slight_smile:

I see the parameter count setup in the mapping assistant now.
Do you know if this Parameter Value Count (as above) is in any way related to the “Number of Cells per Page” setting in the old Remote Control Editor?

I have used this editor quite extensively and as I haven’t figured out how to backup all these settings, I live in constant fear that I will loose them.

No, you can assign whichever number for your controls, it doesn’t matter. In fact I’m using this 8-cell setup having one row for my faders, the next for knobs and the third for buttons. I have a bank of 24 parameters in one of my controllers, and I chose this way to represent it. But… It can be tedious to rearrange things as you surely know.

They are located under yourDocumentsFolder\VST XMLs (windows) or Library/Audio/VST XMLs if you are on a mac. In fact I even have a small utility which is supposed to help us (users) exchange such xmls but I didn’t see much of an interest (from the users’ side) to make it publicly available. Let me know your thought on this one :slight_smile:

Yes, it has proven to be a bit time consuming. Hopefully only something one needs to setup once. (And then tweak once or twice later :smiley: )

Fantastic! Thank you.

I’d like to know more about this utility. At first thought I’m not convinced there is much use in exchanging these xmls since they’re typically defined for a specific controller in mind. I’ll give it some thought though.

I agree and this maybe explain the lack of interest. Here’s the thread I had opened at the time I was thinking about it: Remote Editor Instrument Plugins Mappings