MIDI remote ‘default’ page -> overrides

Does anyone else feel like there should be a ‘default’ map page to begin with and anything mapped on subsequent pages considered as an override ? l.e. You might only want to change the functionality of you faders and leave the other hundred buttons the same. Sure, I should just get it right the first time I know but things have a way of evolving which makes the paging a real pain in addition to the initial setup. I also find that once I’ve made more than 3-4 pages the ‘duplicate’ option disappears?

Have you explored using Sub Pages?


Just a sidenote, the Sub-Pages are available only via scripting, not via the Mapping Assistant.


That’s correct @Martin.Jirsak
.I’ve been avoiding getting into scripting to date, l can see myself getting consumed and making no music. I do that kind of stuff in my day job and don’t think the users should have to learn this in order to get a decent remote working