Midi Remote - disable auto banking?

Hi there!

I’ve been playing with MIDI remote again recently since v13 added a touchState which makes it usable to me at last. (i’m still working on v12.0.70 though)

One thing that bothers me though, is that it seems that the mixer bank zone is following Track Selection, which can be fine for some workflows, but to me… well let’s say I just can’t work like that.

So does anyone knows a way to disable auto banking on track selection?




I’m not aware of any way to disable this. But maybe the MIDI Remote guru @m.c would know?

Hi, no @Martin.Jirsak , I don’t know of any way to do this unfortunately.

@thomas_martin, mind sharing the use case here, so we can all think about it and maybe provide a workaround?

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First thank for your answers, i guess i’ll make it a feature request and stick to the Mackie Control protocol for now.

@m.c Of course i don’ t mind sharing the use case:

First i have to say that my daily job is to mix tv shows (mostly cartoon shows). So I have to handle around 150 tracks in surround. (sometimes a lot more when we are lucky enough that the musician would provide stems).

Currently I have a 25 channels controller using a mix of Mackie Control (MC) protocol and generic remote. But I’d like to switch to MIDI remote (MR) because the integration is much better.

My workflow is the following:
I have the 24 first channels, using MC, by default controlling the most used channels on my template (voice tracks, groups and reverbs).
the 25th channel is for the selected track and I have direct access to most if not all parameters for this track (channel strip, sends, surround panner…) using the generic remote (currently switching to MR).

Using the Q-link option in combination with “track selection follows event selection”, I can quickly access any track(s) in the project by selecting an event or a group of events, automate this/these track(s) as needed without losing sight / control on my buses and voices. In the end I very rarely find a need for banking at all.

The problem I have with auto banking is that my 24 banked channels are constantly jumping around following the track selection which is very awkward to me.

My final aim with MIDI remote would be to expose full controls for the 25 channels but that’s another story.

I hope this is clear enough.



P.S: I must add that i use a custom made controller.

Ah, I now understand better I think.

Well, since you don’t want your mix console to update banks, you can set it to unsync from the project window (Un-check Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole):

This way, even when you select a track outside of the bank in the project window, the mix console (and actually the bank in the project window) will not update to follow the selected track, thus your controls will stay to the bank you want.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. If I uncheck this setting I can no longer select one or more tracks to automate by selecting a group of events in the project.

Let’s give you an example:
Imagine a big robot arriving from the left, passing right in front of us, then disappearing on the right of screen. This robot will have many sounds, on different tracks, foleys, fx, maybe some voices…
The way I work is:

  • i will select all robot related events on the project window.
  • with “select track on event selection” and “sync selection in project window and MixConsole” enabled it will in turn select the tracks in the mix window
  • so now thanks to Q-link, I can pan, EQ and reverberate all these tracks with my controller and all i had to do was one or two clicks in the project window.

This is working great so far. The problem is with auto-banking, the rest of my controller will jump to another bank and then i lose control over the tracks i’m interested in 90%of the time. Even worse, it will constantly jump from one bank to another causing motorized fader to move over and over again and i would constantly have to bank to return to my preferred state.

I’m not exactly following your workflow since I barely ever use more than 16 tracks, however, the way you describe it, maybe the solution is to alter the bank size to a “safe” amount, for example, you can set it to 256 tracks.This way, no bank change will occur when you have <=256 tracks.

This could work although i can imagine it would consume memory. And i couldn’t bank when needed.

The best solution would be being able to turn auto-bank off, which is the behaviour of Mackie Control in Nuendo. I know many people asked for auto-banking but I really think this should be a user preference.
The best solution for me right now is to stick to a hybrid Mackie Control / MIDI remote. Which would still be better than Mackie Control / generic remote…

Thanks for your time @m.c,


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I wouldn’t worry a lot about this.

Yes. This would require a custom pseudo-bank changing coding and it would get pretty complex especially if mouse clicking is involved apart from direct controller input.

Cool! I do too use some aspects of MCU in my scripts, I see nothing wrong at all with such approaches.

Any time :slight_smile:

Do you mean you’re integrating Mackie Control protocol inside MIDI remote? How do you do that?

What i meant by this is I’ll declare part of my controller as MIDI remote, the rest as 3 separate MCUs. It’s not a problem for me since i have full control over my console messaging and 4 MIDI over USB ports to play with.

I’m integrating just the part of browsing VSTs (instruments and fxs) and the punch-in notification. I use virtual midi ports for this.

Interesting, I’ll definitely give this a thought.

Thanks again,


+1 for this feature, it’s nice to finally have an auto-banking option in Cubase, but I think it should be optional.

It’s an issue for me as well, I work with two midi controllers: one displays the selected channel (similar to the 121 controller) and the other one a mixer bank of 16 channels. The selected channel controller always jumps to any track I’m currently working on, and I keep the mixer controller on a set of tracks I need to control/access (e.g. bus tracks, a set of instruments like drums, strings, guitars, etc…). If they are both jumping then the mixer controller wouldn’t be very useful at all, imagine if it was a real mixer with the channels constantly jumping around…

On the other hand, if I unlink the project and mixer selections, then my single channel controller wouldn’t follow the track I’m currently working on, so that’s not an option.

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Which one is it, please?

It’s an Icon Platform M+ integrated with a custom software and a Touch OSC display. I integrated it in Cubase using mostly a Generic Remote device, with a Mackie Hui device just to get the selected channel name, I’m now trying to switch over to the new remote API.

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I’ve done pretty muche the same thing, although i made a custom controller (midibox plus touchosc)

It’s working pretty with some limitations that i hope will be resolved in a future update. (Auto banking is part of it, but not only).

Right now, i’m stuck to emulate 3 Mackie Control devices plus one midi remote.