MIDI Remote - Don't refresh all channel strips on a mixer bank if banking hasn't changed


From observation, it appears when you select a channel (with mouse, keyboard or control surface), MIDI Remote will auto-bank to ensure that channel is on the control surface, and will then emit MIDI messages for all controls that are on that mixer bank (e.g. channel volume, selected, mute, solo, record enable etc).

That’s fine when the banking changes. However, it appears to do this even if the banking doesn’t change.

I’m probably an extreme case, but I’m using a mixer bank that has 512 channels (so that my custom application that sits between Nuendo and my multiple control surface hardware devices can “see” all channels in a project at all times). Because of this, each time I select a track, a huge quantity of redundant MIDI data is sent from Nuendo, and that’s causing Nuendo to hang (and updates to the control surface to temporarily lag).

Can you please update this so it only bulk-emits data if the banking has changed?


Good edge-case. I’ll put it on our list, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! It’s great how involved you are with the community here. Much appreciated!

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