MIDI Remote duplication error when adding NRPN controls

I’m trying to make a script for a Waldorf Iridium which sends out NRPN messages for its physical controls. The first control adds successfully but as soon as I add a second I receive an error stating that the same control already exists.

Maybe it’s not checking the full 14-bit address? Theory…

NRPN control numbers are too big for normal CC’s so they get split between CC#98 (LSB) and CC#99 (MSB multiplied by 128)…

NRPN 1024 = CC#99:8, CC#98:0 (8*128+0=1024)
NRPN 1025 = CC#99:8, CC#98:1 (8*128+1=1025)

If Cubase is only checking CC#99 for repeats then it will see multiple controls tied to #8 and think there’s a problem. Just a guess!

Hi @Dangerousdaze, if you are on Cubase 12.0.52 you can switch off the learn-mode and add elements manually to set them up properly.
But could you please provide some screenshots of your issue anyway? Thanks!

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Hi @Jochen_Trappe,

Thanks for the reply! Adding the controls isn’t actually the problem - they add fine and they work. The problem is that Cubase thinks they’re the same control for some reason (even though they clearly work independently) so it won’t let you save the surface without deleting them all.

Here’s a video of the problem in action.

  1. I use “learn” to add the first control
  2. Set the range to 16383 (since it’s a 14-bit control)
  3. I test the control to make sure it works
  4. I use “learn” to add the second control
  5. You can see the error appear immediately
  6. I set the range of the new control
  7. I turn both dials separately and they both work properly.

Like I say, if the check for duplicate controls doesn’t know about NRPNs then it might look at the two #8s (see explanation above) and think they’re duplicates.

Thanks again!

Ho @Jochen_Trappe, were you able to replicate this? Thanks.

Hi Dangerousdaze…

I’m a bit stuck here with this issue too )in 12.0.52) - have you found any solutions or workarounds at your end?? I did have NRPN working in another previous version - I can’t remember what it was, but if I find out I’ll post here. That version did not have the same options in the functions browser as 12.0.52 for control though, and some of the new options really appealed to me (which is why I upgraded to 12.0.52)…

12.0.40 - no orange error; but NRPN for me acts strange and jumpy.
12.0.30 - it works perfectly.

You loose a lot of good features from 12.0.52, but for me, it’s worth it just to have a usable controller.

Hi jBam,

Nope, sorry. I still live in hope that a fix will come soon.

From the 12.0.60 release notes:

The MIDI Remote Surface Editor now supports multiple 14 bit/14 bit NRPN controls with different CC numbers.

Fixed! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now I think I’ve found a bug in the Iridium keyboard in how it sends out control changes. Ah well, small steps…