Midi Remote Fader levels for each track

What do I select in the mapping for simple Volume control of each fader?

I select Channel 1 Volume in the search area but I get all these different options like Cue Level or Monitor Level,no Channel 1 Volume,Channel 2 Volume etc,like I used to have when I set this up originally before One Drive murdered my system.

I just want each fader on my Midi Keyboard to correspond to the track selected in Cubase’s fader level.

How do I do that?

P.S. I did have this setup beautifully before Microsoft One Drive took over and practically killed everything.

I deleted everything to do with One Drive,a shocker of a utility.

Also Pan is only showing up as Cue Pans not Channel Pans when I search for it.

Is this because of the Control Room being enabled???

P.P.S. I have since found out you can just right mouse click a Fader or pan on any selected channel and assign midi remote mappings accordingly.

I still don’t know why Channel 1 ,Channel 2 etc. can’t be used for volumes and pans.

Isn’t this what you want?

That does not come up in mine.
I have the latest version of Cubase Pro.

One Drive I bet.

How do I get the full list of key commands back?

OK,I worked it out.

I searched Mixer Bank Zone ,then added the amount of channels I want in that section.
All good.

TY for guiding me to that part of the key commands.