Midi Remote Feature Requests

Hi everyone, just moved most of my TouchOSC template from the Genetic Remote to the Midi Remote and have some feature requests.

  1. Ability to lock mappings to specific channels. Either via channel name or channel number. I.e. always map to the 3rd track. Or always map to channel named “DX”. At the moment, I still have to use the Generic Remote for this.

  2. Multiple pages for organizational reasons. I have 5 or 6 pages on my touch screen and over 100 mappings. To put all of those onto one Midi Remote page gets cluttered very quickly. Ideally you could switch between multiple pages that mirror the look of my touch screen. For instance, one page for buttons and another page for Quick Control faders. Or however your interface is setup!

This is different than Mapping Pages. At the moment, if you use mapping pages, the minute you switch pages it disables all the other mappings. I understand how that would be useful in some situations, but it’s the opposite of what I’m looking for.

  1. Ability to set a default for the “value mode” in the mapping window. At the moment it defaults to “scaled” but TouchOSC only works with “Jump” so I wish I could set that as a default.

I think that’s it! Overall I think it’s a good feature implementation, but it could use some refinement for the touch screen community.

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