Midi Remote features exclusively for programmers

Sorry, I am a fan of Generic remote
There are many things that Midi Remote cannot do, especially when it comes to controlling the VSTi

with generic remote I can:
Send unlimited midi messages to VSTi tracks… while MR can’t “just 8 QC’s”
Can for example … send midi messages to all tracks at once so that keep them all with the same microtuning scale + transpose… While MR can’t “just send for selected track so i can’t keep all VSTi’s in the same tune”

I hope Steinberg does not stop supporting Generic remote because it is a very powerful tool for my live performance, and I am sure that many like me cannot do without it.

I recorded these two videos for my friend, maybe most of you are not interested in Microtoning, but the idea is to show what the Generic remote can do.


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Is there anyone like me interested in Generic remote?
I feel like I belong to the stone age :unamused:

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I’m not an expert when it comes to the MIDI Remote, but I can successfully control any number of VST parameters of a VST instrument. Same with insert effects. (I used JavaScript to write my MIDI Remote however.)

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Really? that’s awesome :+1:
Can you send messages to unselected tracks?

I haven’t tried because I don’t have the need.
I do think it can be done by using banks. @m.c would know for sure.

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Thank you very much mlindeb :pray:
Does this require you to be an expert in programming? or is knowing a little enough?

Waiting for @m.c response.

Hi, as @mlib just wrote, the MR is based on banks, either when talking about channels or parameters (instrument and fx quick controls).

So, say, we want to control parameter 4, of channel 3. We open the MR mapping assistant after having selected the knob/fader we want to assign it to, go to channel 3 (MixConsole->Channels->Channel 3):


Then we go to Instrument->Parameters->Parameter 4:


And click on the Apply Mapping button.

Note that we can see both in the MixConsole and Instrument->Parameters, a setting ===Setup===. This is for defining the number of channels (or parameters) each bank handles. Here’s how we set this up for instrument controls:

At the same time, in order to browse through these banks, we have to assign buttons to previous/next/reset bank functions. We can find these assignments under the Actions tab:


The thing that is missing from the mapping assistant when dealing with specific channels (while it’s there for the selected channel), is the insertsViewer, which we use for controlling the parameters of each insert effect. This needs scripting. At the same time, the insertsViewer is again based on the banks’ logic, and this means we can have banks of insert effects slots and banks of parameters per insert effect. But we cannot directly jump to, say, insert slot 7. We have to browse using previous/next plugin assignment until we’re there. Again, this can be worked around using scripting, though I didn’t find it quite fast. But, I, as mlindeb, am mostly focused on controlling the selected track’s properties, so never had to deal with this one.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you m.c for your great input
I did not know that I could control the parameters of VSTi by selecting track or mix console + adding the number of controllers as I want

I thought that controlling the VSTi in MR was only done through 8 QC’s

Great job Steinberg
If I find that everything is working as I want, I will come back here to ask Steinberg … but this time to delete the Generic remote immediately :smile:

Don’t give up on the Generic remote , a third of the Midi remote requires you to be a Coder NOT a musician , it’s not as plain and simple as the Generic remote and some functions in the generic reomte are still not implimetned in the MR

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I tried both “Selected Track + MixConsle > Channels” …It only works for the selected track and doesn’t works for multiple selected tracks
So, according to what I understood from m.c comment, a special script must be programmed?

Agree 100%
I was excited just seeing the Selected track option with a large number of parameters that I can assign :frowning:
I’m not a programmer and I can’t afford to waste months of my life learning something that Generic Remote can do.

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Yes, the QC’s with the Generic remote ,even thou more restrictive is in my opinion more intuitive and the amount of breakages the adjustment has caused in programs like H7 makes it a complete PITA to assign constant QC’s that actually only work 75% of the time .
I would personally use two controllers , one for the GR and one to Learn the MR until you are confident it will achieve what you require but more importantly, do it with stability

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Yes i prefer the Generic remote ,.
Just add a controller ,
Add midi ports
select learn mode
Move controls
Choose controls


Midi remote
Go to confi setup
Choose midi ports
Build the Lego controller
Add labels
LEARN how to assign the correct functions that seem to have doubles in different areas
Realise QC controllers are NOT Qc controllers they are now Parameters and do the pain stating assigning at the top on each plugin to get the banks you want .

Realise not all functions work and >>>>>>>>
Go back to GR

Why do I find everyone happy using MR? I don’t know!

To Steve
Please can you change the topic again to “Midi Remote features exclusively for programmers” :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be Steve any Regular can change the topic of the thread , i used to but , i’m stripped of my titles ,for ever being the Bad boy of the forum apparently :crazy_face: :joy:

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Lol :joy:

I’m still using it alongside the MIDI Remote, because it can do several things much better without having to get into object oriented programming.

I’ve set up some of my hardware controllers, that they go through the MIDI Remote for some of their dials and buttons and go through the Generic Remote for some others. All without a line of JavaScript (TypeScript).

That seems to work ok for the time being.

For example, working with insert fx still seems much more functionally rich with the Generic Remote.

And of course motorized faders still benefit from the Generic Remote, since they are just sad in the MIDI Remote (unless one resorts to JavaScript programming).

Also there’s some STOP button magic that can be done with the Generic Remote better than the MIDI Remote.

I’m not Steve, but seems like my forum karma is high enough, so I can change thread titles. – So I’ve just done that as per your request. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Nico5 for sharing your experience, I have never tried using both GR + MR, I will see what MR can do for me :+1:

I’m not Steve, but seems like my forum karma is high enough, so I can change thread titles. – So I’ve just done that as per your request. :slight_smile:


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