MIDI remote for SLMK3

The script loads, I can see my controller on Cubase. but my controller is not responding

Hi, using my script? Turned the SLMK3 to InControl mode?

Thanks for your response…… you’re correct… I needed to push the “Incontrol button “.
So I am connected. However, I don’t see the script for SLMK3 61…. I think I’m using an MK3 …… am I missing something? Anyway, the layout is not the same as the SLMK3


Hi, maybe you’re using one of the default scripts for LaunchKey MK3? These are not designed to work with an SL MK3.

My script is here: Novation SL MkIII (MK3) MIDI Remote Script

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Got it ! Amazing…everything I need!

thanks for your help


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