Midi Remote "forgets" Control Room mapping

Since 12.0.10 my Midi Remotes seem to just lose mappings to Control Room parameters (e.g. Main Volume, Headphone Volume, Click Level…) when opening another project. Once remapped, they work fine, but it is extremely annoying to remap 4 or more controls, every time I open/reopen a project. Even a clean install of 12.0.30 which supposedly fixes issues with Control Room, did not do it for me.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour on their system?

my Specs:
Windows 10 Home
Version 21H2
OS build 19044.1826
Intel i7 8700k
32GB Ram
AMD Radeon RX 6700XT


Do you use a script or the Mapping Assistant or make the assignment, please?

Hi Martin,
I used the Mapping Assistant.

I extended the included NanoKontrol2 with a custom mapping page. On another DIY controller I just mapped two faders to Volume of Selected Track and Volume of Control Room Main Out. Again via the Assistant.
Both Controllers work fine with all other mappings (e.g. Quick Controls, Send Levels…also Volume (of Selected Track)) just the Control Room Mappings disappear.

Forgot to post here, but I found the problem. I share it here, in case someone else encounters it in the future:
When assigning controls to CR, I was using the “interactive method” by touching the CR element and then my physical controller. This worked initially, but was not carried over to other projects. At the time, I was not sure, if this behaviour is intended or not. Since setting it up by choosing the control elements in the mapping assistant, I did not experiment further. Anyways, I am now on CB13, where I have not yet tested this setup.