Midi Remote Integration - a way to bring back CMC?

It’d be fantastic if there was a way to connect our beloved CMC controllers as MIDI devices, so we could leverage Midi Remote Integration to continue to use them with modern OS/hardware configs.

You can make a script for them. Are you saying they don’t work in their original way with the CMC extension?

I think they do, at least on Windows and Intel Mac, but haven’t done more than plug in my QC and make a little remote out of it. Worked nicely, but the Steinberg driver for it does much, much more as a remote device.

I just bought a Mac Studio and there are no drivers compatible with the latest version of the Mac OS or with Apple Silicon Macs.

Such a shame, Steinberg, as I’d think these would be pretty straightforward drivers to update one last time to support Apple Silicon and Mac OS Monterey and then they could provide their customers probably another decade of use for these ingenious little control surfaces.

Have you plugged one in? I did so without installing the drivers on Windows 11, and they sent their raw data, CCs or pitch bend, to the host.

This was not the case previously, maybe MacOS will be similar?