MIDI Remote integration does not send midi signals

Hi, I configured my Arturia BeatStep with the new MIDI Remote integration but it doesn’t send midi signals to BeatStep. I would like to turn my pads on and off but with this new Midi Remote Integration it doesn’t work, with the old generic remote everything works correctly.


I solved, in the BeatStep configuration I had set the PAD / BUTTON as ControChange and Toggle type, instead they must be set as “Midi note” and Gate type.

sorry, I thought I had solved it, in reality I realized that the “Midi Remote Intagration” sends messages to the device only on channel 1. I had set the BeatStep with channel 6. I was able to control cubase but I did not receive messages on beatstep to channel 6. setting channel to 1 seems to work … I hope …

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