MIDI Remote Item Resolution Bug

When I create an item in the MIDI Remote editor, the Resolution parameter is set to Standard, the Value Mod parameter is set to Absolute and the Value Min and Value Max parameters are not visible.

If I set the Resolution to something else, those two parameters appear. Then I can go back to Resolution Standard and they remain visible and can be used.

Those parameters should be visible to begin with.

Hopefully someone at Steinberg has seen this.

Hi, can’t really help with this, but you should try editing your tags and include the “issue” tag. That supposedly will get someone at Steinberg’s attention a bit sooner.

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Thanks, I just did it.

Did you hit save? I still just see the midi-remote tag in the header, unless it’s being slow updating. Usually only takes 3 to 5 seconds though.

Thanks, I apparently didn’t hit Save. I just did it again and now I see the issue tag.

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you bet :wink:

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