MIDI Remote keeps changing MIDI Channels and CC number

I’ve had problems with MIDI remote since it’s inclusion, mainly everything works then it just doesn’t.

I’ve kind of narrowed it down, when MIDI remote won’t respond (but is still connected) if I go to add a new fader/button/knob etc then that new addition will be added, on another MIDI channel and another CC number usually. I can change these numbers to match my layout, then it just may change again. It makes MIDI remote virtually unusable, and I’m so tired of starting new ones from scratch. I’ve tried disabling/enabling scripts, starting the MIDI controller before Cubase starts, I’ve factory reset the MIDI controller :confused:


I’m sorry, I don’t really understand your description. Are you talking about a Java Script or the Assistant? Could you please describe your issue in the step by step manner?

Naming the controller might help.

It’s an M-Audio Oxygen 61 MK4 Keyboard

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this may not be a Cubase issue. There is a long (loosely) documented history of M-Audio MIDI controllers having this issue. I have an old M-Audio Oxygen 61 that refuses to store to memory. I setup all the CCs for the buttons, go to store them, and bam, gone and everything is messed up again. Google “m-audio oxygen not storing presets” and you’ll find more people who have had this issue.

Hi Bison. I could only find 1 person who mentions this on the internet. What are presets for anyway? I’ve never used anything like that before, I’ve changed the MIDI channel on the MIDI controller, otherwise it’s just been plug and play. I would have thought the MIDI controller has a default CC number for each button out of the box, no?

Eh, it depends. From what I remember from the manual (I was considering the oxygen mk4 at one point), there’s also a DAW mode, that always communicates on a separate MIDI port. But this is “Mackie style” integration, you don’t need cubase’s MIDI remote for that.

So, you need to make sure that on the oxygen you are NOT in daw mode, you have those CCs that you need on the buttons and faders that you need, and that those go out from the correct port, to which the MIDI remote would listen to. I suspect it will take some figuring out.

Personally, I opted for a “dumber” keyboard this time, since the MIDI remote allows to build very good stuff out of plain MIDI messages, no need for DAW profiles and fancy stuff.

Note that choosing a DAW port and deactivating the controller’s integration inside Cubase (in this case MCU), is a pretty good option for MR, since we’re not relying on user’s custom settings. I do this all the time :slight_smile:

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Sure, it’s the easiest way actually.

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Presets are for having “pages” on the midi controller, similar to how you can have pages in Cubase using the midi remote feature. I supposed if you were playing live, controlling different synths, presets could allow you to assign different CC values to the same knobs and toggle between them but frankly, the Cubase remote integration is infinitely easier to use. One set of CC values and Cubase knows to interpret them differently based on which page of functions you’re in. I do this with a different remote I have that has pads. When I’m doing drums, the pads work as groove agent drum pads. When I’m tracking, the pads have different tasks like activating the talkback microphone.

The problem that I have had with my m-audio (and I have found a good amount of similar complaints on various forums) is that in order to save the CC changes made on the device, you must store them in a preset. Every time I save a preset, it bungles everything up, so it’s a catch 22. Do the work to program the entire controller, save and lose it, or don’t save, accidentally press the wrong button leaving said modified & unsaved preset, and lose it.

Last time I buy anything m-audio…