MIDI Remote lose assigned commands after 12.0.50 update

Hi @doriosypos,

I’ve analysed a bit further and stumbled upon something.

Your “…globalmappings.json”-file has inconsistencies. It has to do with the PushEncoders. In your mapping-file, all PushEncoders that do NOT map a function on their PushValue have incomplete persistence objects. Locally I cannot reproduce that. But I see it in the file you provided:

  "id": 1081,
  "type": "PushEncoder",
  "members": {
    "Rect": { "X": 0.0, "Y": 0.0, "W": 2.0, "H": 2.0 },
    "ControlLayer": 1022,
    "EncoderValue": 1082
    // Why is the PushValue member-object missing???

Have you or has anyone else probably been tweaking the behringer_bcf2000.js Script after those mappings had been created? The whole thing with splitting the Script in two pieces (JS + JSON) only works as long as the JS-file remains untouched.

Therefore I want to encourage you to write the mappings directly into the JS-file. That way you stay totally stable regarding your mappings.