Midi remote Manager Missing?

Im trying to install Stream deck, In Studio setup I noticed there is no “Midi Remote” on left hand side menu . ? also i cannot find or Access Midi remote Manager ?

I installed this on my other systems no problem , But this has got me stumped ?
Where is Midi Remote ???

Do you mean the new MIDI Remote added in Cubase 12? It’s in the lower section on the main screen if so.

Or you can get to it here:

Or if it’s the Generic Remote you’re looking for (I expect with streamdeck it may be?). Then you need to add it here:

Hi Skijumptoes, Thanks for reply, I presume your on PC, Yea I do not Have Midi Remote Manager
Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 8.33.00 AM
in list.
I need this to import xlm for Streamdeck - its the final part of the install ,

It was added in Cubase 12, I’m guessing you’re on an older version as MIDI Remote isn’t showing, and you have Rewire as an option. - Perhaps you’re on Cubase 10.5?

Are you definetly sure it’s the MIDI Remote you need, and not generic remote? I thought all the stream deck stuff was setup for the generic remote. And there’s an .xml import on there, if you do add a Generic remote as I screenshotted earlier.

You’d import via that and set the MIDI in and out ports to suit your streamdeck.

The new MIDI Remote setups (C12 onwards) are shared via “.midiremote” files.

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