MIDI Remote Manager troubleshooting

I’ve had a look through the Remote Manager posts on the forum but can’t find anything. So here goes…

I’m trying to map an Alesis VI61. I’ve successfully mapped the 16 drum pads, the pitch bend & modulation wheels, plus the 16 knobs. There are also 48 buttons just below the knobs, but I can’t map these. When I press button 1, Cubase inserts 2 buttons instead of 1. So then when I press button 2, it cancels out button 2 in Remote Manager, leaving the first button, instead of either overwriting it or adding another. None of the other buttons will map, they behave in exactly the same way as button 2, they cancel out the 2nd button. It’s quite strange. All the buttons are in ‘momentary’ setting. So I can map button 1, but not the other 47!!!

Anyone else had these kind of issues???

Did you check the MIDI CC numbers coming out from these buttons? The way you describe it, looks like some buttons share the same CC. What does the VI Software Editor shows?

In case your manual doesn’t detail the CC mappings, I found it very useful to add my MIDI device In port to All MIDI In and then add it to a track with a MIDI Monitor on the MIDI insert. That way you can see precisely what it’s sending (you may need to disable your midi remote script when you do this because it may absorb the midi message).

All CC# are different for each button, from 48 up. It’s not that. The VI61 is set up correctly. Thanks though

I see. I asked because in one of my controllers, a set of 8 buttons was assigned to the very same midi CC but with different value.

The buttons are sending Banksel MSB, Banksel LSB & ProgramChange messages. But they all have different values, so Cubase should still interpret them as individual entities & map one per script.

Didn’t you just say they have different CCs? Program Change is not a CC message, just to be clear.

Cubase will not create a different element based on the value of a message, but rather on its type.

The MIDI Remote Mapping assistant accept these types of messages (not sure if it handles the other messages mentioned below using the midi learn):


while the API generally accepts:

I somehow think you could give remapping to MIDI CC messages a try, since I know that the VI can handle this perfectly.

Yes, on the VI61 editor the buttons are showing as sending CC messages with different numeric values. But midi monitor is showing the other info when the buttons are pressed. But these are also individually numbered, so there shouldn’t be duplicate messages being sent. Cubase should still map them individually, one per button.