Midi remote mapping: add CC selection

I mostly use my faders for controlling VST instruments, so I have programmed these to send CC messages. If I could add these at the new midi remote surface to send the same messages, then I would take advantage of Mapping page function and turn faders to FQC controllers for example.


Couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

Hi, can you elaborate on what you mean a little more, I just dont get it.
I mean, is there a limitation that prevents you from controlling FQC with the faders?

As I said, I use my faders as a VSTi controller. So, lets say that, fader 1 is transmitting CC1-Ch1 and if I do not map this one, I can send data to any selected midi channel. But if I do, there is no option to assign this to a CC1 command. That means that I loose the flexibility of changing the act of the specific fader, by selecting different remote pages. The only thing I can do is to load a quick control presaved preset of CCs to each midi track, not a good thing for my workflow.
I read that, one of the OPs said that this addition could cause problems. In my point of view, as long as there are customizable controllers it would be great to have this option .


@Elien You can’t edit the CCs in the remote and have them still pass through to the track like you can in other scripting integrations in other DAWs. So you either, don’t use that knob or whatever on your controller for an MR function on any MR page, or you don’t use it for MIDI.

Note: On some devices, like Novation Devices, you usually get more than one user setting, so you can switch that and set it to a different channel.

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Ah, I see - this makes more than perfect sense to me! On an even more general level I always saw a great potential in unifying the Midi Remote Control and the Device-Panel thing. They are - on an appropriate level of abstraction - very much the same thing. And what you are saying would mean that our external midi controllers could serve as midi controllers (for whatever device, cubase internal or external) and as a “cubase controller” at the same time.