Midi remote mapping: Control Room Cue

I 've managed to create a map for my good old BCF2000 quite easy. The thing is that there are a few commands that don’t work for me in the “cue” section of CR. These are the activation and level of the metronome. Is it only me?

There are more settings to the metronome that play a role here… In CR there are only the settings related to the routing of the metronome sounds available.
Have a look on the manual section…

and for reference…

Thanks for your reply. All these are very clear to me. My problem is that the assigned fader doesn’t change the level of metronome for cue 1 (as exable) and the programmed button doesn’t activate the same metronome. So, I’m asking if there is bug there.

Can any Mod confirm this, please?

Is it only Cue1?

Same for Cue 2

A real quick test with my X-Touch lead to the same experience… but it could be, that I did something wrong…

Well, no metronome at all four cue

Maybe @steve or @Martin.Jirsak can confirm, if this is already known…


These are known, thank you.