Midi remote mapping issue

I am using a Nektar LX61+ controller keyboard and whenever I make a midi controller surface for it, C1 to G1 get assigned to the 8 pads and I can’t use them to play, even when I put the keyboard into mixer or instrument modes, when I delete the contoller surface i can use these keys to play notes again. Can anybody please help?

Did you create the controller surface from scratch by yourself? If not - try that and avoid mapping the pads. I think that as soon as you assign something in a script, that takes precedence over ordinary midi handling.

Hi Torbjorn thanks for this, I’ve taken the mapping off the pads and the keyboard is now working properly. On reflection I’d forgotten that the pads would have to be mapped from C1 to G1 because that’s how GM drums are mapped, I must be getting slow in my old age :smiley:

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