MIDI Remote Mapping Question, and request to add a control type

This may be a request for 2 control types, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something…

Is there a way to map a knob to be a Jog/Shuttle dial? This would really be helpful of a lot of controllers that don’t work as well as they should with MC (looking at you, X-Touch One). It would also be nice to be able to map that to one of the Monogram Orbiters.

And with that, I come to the request - can you implement a “joystick” control in MIDI Remote at some point? Or at least an easy way to work around for it, which would require multiple mappings to the same control. If I am missing something there, please speak up.

Thanks! Loving Cubase 12 so far!

A joystick control (or touchpad) is really just a hardware control capable of sending 2 different MIDI CC messages at the same time. You can totally program that in the current Midi Remote by pretending it’s two different knobs or sliders.

I believe those are implemented as two different key commands in Cubase, and if you have a controller that can send 2 different MIDI Note messages depending if you turn the dial left or right, then it can be done today. (Many Native Instruments controllers - that feature an endless knob with little clicks when turning as well as their DJ controllers with a fake turntable or two).

But it definitely would be nice to also be able to do this via relative MIDI CC messages, which has also been requested as a feature to be added in other threads.


Yes, you can do so in the JavaScript. You can make subPages to control multiple different values by one controller. Then you need another controller as the switcher.

Again, in the JavaScript, you can .makeJoyStickXY() and .makePadXY().

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I’ll have to brush up on my Javascript! Is there a particular resource you can recommend that might outline these functions for me?