MIDI Remote mapping to "AI Knob" does not work with non-Steinberg VST instruments

I love the new AI Knob mapping in Cubase 12’s MIDI Remote Control feature, but while it works well with Steinberg plugins and VSTs, I can’t get it to work with other VSTs. When I hover over a control in Omnisphere or Battery 4, for example, Cubase doesn’t seem to pick up that the mouse is hovering over a valid control. Is there any setting or additional consideration that I’m missing?


Are your plug-ins VST3, please?

Yes, Omnisphere is VST3 (I made sure I loaded the VST3 version). I also tried the VST3 version of Kontakt and there was no response on any hovered controls.

Battery 4 is VST 2.4, though.

Is the feature only supposed to work with VST3 plug ins, or is it intended to work with anything like the CC121 knob?


It should work the very same way, as CC121 AI Knob. Do you have an example of parameter, which is working with CC121 and is not working with the MIDI Remote AI Knob, please?

Unfortunately I don’t have a CC121 to test with - I just assumed it should act similarly. When mousing over a parameter knob, the text below the graphical representation of the knob in the MIDI Remote panel changes to indicate what is being “hovered over”. When I hover over any knobs in, e.g., Battery 4, Omnisphere, Analog Lab V, or Kontakt 6, this area doesn’t indicate anything is being hovered over and the control doesn’t change the parameter when moved.

In all of the Steinberg VSTs, however, it works. I’ve successfully used it with Padshop, Retrologue, and Halion Sonic SE3.

One slight workaround I’ve found is to right click on a knob in one of the non-working VSTs and Enable Host Automation. Then I can hover over the parameter from the Quick Controls panel and it works appropriately. Obviously this has its drawbacks and limitations, but it does work.


just curious: should all VST3 instruments support the AI knob implementation of the new MIDI Remote API in Cubase Pro 13 ?

E.g. most of the controls of Retrologue 2 can be controlled, but some knobs (eg. osc octaves) are not working.

Also, several other VST 3 version of these synths, e.g. U-he, Korg Opsix Native do not support the movement of parameters via hovered AI controller, only via the QC knobs implementation.

Is this normal or is the AI knob implementation is buggy?



It depends on the implementation. If the plug-in developer implements the parameters correctly, then the AI will work out of the box.

Can you please provide more details exactly what should be implemented correctly by the VST3.x standard in order to make the AI knob work?

I have some developer contacts for the synths I am using, so I would like to propagate the idea what and how should be developed.

Hi, this may help: