Midi Remote - Mapping Without a Surface?

I want to use Lemur (tablet-based controller app) and set up a Midi Remote in Cubase for it. It’s a custom setup so there’s no script to import, I’ve got to set it all up manually myself. However I have no need for a graphical layout of the controller, I just want to map the midi messages (to macros/logical editor), I don’t want to spend all that time making a visual layout that I’ll never use. I actually would prefer the Generic Remote setup, it’s simply a list of midi messages and the corresponding mappings, which is all I need. But it’s being deprecated so I know it’d be wise to spend my time with the Midi Remote. Is there any way to make a set of mappings without wasting time with a graphical layout?



You can make just buttons one next to each other. It’s very simple and fast to create them.