MIDI Remote - my first creation, a "generic midi-remote"

I thought I would share my first creation under Cubase’s new MIDI Remote facility.

I decided to create something generic, that I can then take along with me to all the studios where I work and have access to the useful everyday clicks I typically have to hand back on home turf.

So I created this Layout in MIDI Designer Pro (iPad):

…and this MIDI Remote item:

Obviously I will expand on this as time progresses. Each button simply sends a MIDI note, starting from note# 0. It works both wired and wirelessly (using rtpMIDI).

Unfortunately, for my upper blue ‘Visibility Configuration’ (‘mixer view’) buttons, these only work on the window currently in focus. That’s a bit of a shame, since a Mackie remote invoking the same function does not work this way, but is instead tied to Cubase’s mixer, regardless of focus. On the (slightly) plus side it means that these buttons will also work in the Arrange page (albeit the naming might be a problem). Anyway…

…just my take on it. It will be interesting to see what others come up with.

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You don’t want to share the remote itself?

Happy to. You’ll need MIDI Designer Pro (no affiliation - just a happy user).
Cubase Generic Remote - MIDI Designer

Obviously you’ll need to map the controls to Cubase functions as you see fit. Some of mine invoke Macros and Project Logical Editor presets. That’s really up to the individual. There’s little point me uploading my Cubase Remote as it relies heavily on those kinds of features - it will do little unless they already exist.

That said, here it is for what it’s worth:
Cubase MDP Remote

Oh, this is for the Generic Remote. I’ll modify the tag and title.

…errr whatever you say. It’s a MIDI remote, using the new C12 ‘MIDI Remote’ panel (says it at the bottom of the panel). Quite how that becomes ‘generic remote’ I’ll admit to not understanding!

This is my ‘Generic Remote’ using C12’s MIDI Remote facility.

Apologies. Hope it’s okay that I tagged and edited the title for clarity.

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That’s fine. As long as people understand it. :+1:

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