Midi remote new and old together

How to setup new Midi remote to open in insert plugins with midi-controller buttons?
Is there a way to combine features and use Gen. remote and new MIDI remote together?

There is a way, but it’s the wrong one :wink:

Can you tell me about it?)

You have to chose between the old and the new. Mixing them up is not an intended scenario. We are starting the transition to replace the old with the new. For now, both exist. But they don’t know each other and shouldn’t be mixed up.

I actually kept a map from the legacy GR, a section where I mapped the edits of insert slots to buttons. In this way I must use both midi remote versions because there is not option of selecting this function in C12.

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The proble with the new MIDI Remote is that Mixer/Selected/Volume does not work with MIDI tracks, so I had to map the fader using the old Generic Remote to be able to adjust volume for all selected tracks. I have X Touch One with one fader and of course would like to go Prev/Next tracks anc control all tracks. In order to support Display (show track names etc) I’m intending to use the new MIDI Remote API scripts with corresponding SYSEX messages.

Of course, if there is way to adjust volume of all track types using scrpits, I can drop the Genereic Remote part. Just need to know how? :slight_smile:

Is the (missing) selected MIDI track volume behaviour intended (and if yes, why?) or is it just a bug?

Does this mean I shouldn’t be using Generic Remote and Midi Remote at the same time? Currently I’m using Generic Remote for some things (Channel Strip and Inserts on selected channel, as well as one or two mappings) that the Midi Remote is unable to address, and using Midi Remote on everything else. As long as I make sure I don’t have any knobs or parameters mapped to both, it seems to be working.

Ok, if setting it up as structured as you did, it should be ok!