MIDI Remote, Nuendo 12, Yamaha DM2000v2 questions

I’m hoping there might be someone here who can help me program the Midi Remote in N12 to have my DM2000 on the Remote 2 layer control tracks 25-48 in the N12 mixer? I have the Remote 1 layer set to Nuendo and it works perfectly!

I’ve tried user defined/user assignable settings within the Remote 2 layer with minimal success. I don’t suppose there is a midi remote script for the DM2000v2? I know it’s a dinasaur. . .

It seems to me that since the Nuendo setting on Remote 1 works perfectly that the code has to be out there and if I could get my hands on it, it could be propgrammed into Remote 2/3/4? I’m pretty much a rookie on midi remote setup, Quick Controls and macros, etc.


Well, color me stupid! Found the answer on the Yamaha DM2000 Worldwide User Group on Facebook here: Redirecting... – many thanks to Thomas Körffer! After that I found this in the Nuendo 2 supplement:

User defined keys – when DM2000 is used to remotely control Nuendo, User Defined Keys have the following functions:

• UDEF 1: Shows or hides the Channel Settings window
• UDEF 2: Scrolls channels down in banks of 8
• UDEF 3: Scrolls channels up in banks of 8
• UDEF 9: Shows or hides the VST Mixer window
• UDEF 10: Scrolls channels down one channel at a time
• UDEF 11: Scrolls channels up one channel at a time

So, yeah, I have to hit user defined button #3 three quick times to scroll 24 channels or nine quick times to scroll to the end of 96, but it’s good enough to get the job done for me and I can simply stay on Remote 1!