Midi remote odd behaviors

I noticed some odd behavior with some of the midi remote assignments. I have a pad on my midi controller that works fine with some things and not others.

For example if I map it to Dim in the control room it works as expected, but if I map the same button to “Select Next Downmix Preset”, so I can use it to switch from stereo to mono it switches for a few seconds and then switches back without me touching the button.

Also is there any way to assign multiple functions to a single button? I want to setup a single button to turn on the metronome which would mean activating it in both the transport controls and the control room. I can’t figure out how to add multiple functions to a single button though.

I think Dim is a state that can be toggled on and off, while Select Next DownMix is a one shot command. They behave differently.

You may have success sending note messages from your hardware pads and ensuring that the “Toggle” setting in the MIDI Remote is ON for Dim and OFF for Select Next DownMix

Making a Key Command Macro and connecting that Macro via the Midi Remote, might work for things that can be done via key commands. For other stuff it might need more extensive programming gymnastics via the JavaScript API.

One additional thing to keep in mind is: Making one hardware control influence more than one software item, makes it impossible to accurately reflect some changes in software settings back to the hardware. But that topic is a bit more brain gymnastics for individuals not used to scripting or programming :nerd_face:

Turning toggle off causes the pad to not work at all with the “Select Next Downmix Preset”. I’ll start digging through the API. I was hoping it wasn’t necessary for something that should be simple, especially since things like next track/previous track work fine when they are assigned to the button instead.

I’m not that concerned about reflecting the change on the hardware, its just a pad I’m using as a button. If I get board I may use the API to trigger the light under the pad but we’ll see, depends how board I am.

lol, javascript and scripting is for beginner programmers.