Midi Remote only goes .8 to 52 to 100 and backwards

Hi there, I’ve been trying to use midi remote with a nanokontrol2. I know there is a built in script but i was having issues so decided to make my own map. Easy enough. Except every time I get the same results, the sliders work, but the knobs assigned to quick controls jump halion from .8 to 52 to 100. no values in between. Also 100% is far left rather than far right, backwards. I’ve made several maps from scratch all with same results. any ideas? TIA Don


What kind of?

Which mode do you use at nanoKontrol, please?

I’m cubase mode on the nano, power up with set rew buttons.
The original scrip all looked good and correct, and midi monitor showed action, but noting happened on the vst

Right you are. When I put the nano into CC mode I can make a map where the knobs work correct. The built in script didn’t work, it said connected to nano but the map wouldnt recognize any midi movement, but no biggie to make one from scratch. thanks!!