MIDI Remote: Open plugin not working anymore?

Fiddling with the new MIDI Remote. Looks pretty cool, but it seems like there’s no way to open a plugin via controller anymore? I have analyzers and Metric A/B in the control room inserts and used to open them with a button. The ‘edit’ command is gone, so am I missing something?

I’m in the same exact situation! I have some plugins that I used to open them using my controller and now I’m not able to open them anymore!

Can anyone else confirm this ??
Loving the new MIDI remote so far, but this is a deal breaker for me :confused:

Same here, recalling few plugins via controller but with new MIDI Remote this is not possible, back to legacy generic control for that purpose .

Same here.
One thing that is a bit strange is that on the legacy Generic Remote, the “Edit” command of a plugin insert is with an “!” … it is: Edit (!). … Don’t know what this mean .

Same here… No idea why this is not integrated in the MIDI Remote yet?!

@Jochen_Trappe any insight on this, and possibility to be introduced?

i have the exact same problem , my inserts in the generic remote control from the control Room are missing .
iam not able to get it to work…thats absolutely frustrating .
the Problem exists since i have updated to Version 12.0.4
controll room


Do you mean it was working in any Cubase 12 version and it is broken in the current 12.0.40? Or the feature is not there at all? In the second case, add the feature-request tag, please.

It didn’t work from the start with the new MIDI Remote. There’s no access to inserts at all. Apparently I can’t edit my post, so maybe a mod can add the FR tag.

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same, I’m using an X-Touch Mini to open and bypass the first 8 insert slots, so frustrating I need to stay on the generic remote…


In the Mapping Assistant > Functions Browser go to Selected Track > Insert & Strip Effects > Inserts View > Parameters > Edit Plug-in, please.

How do you provide arguments to open a specific insert plugin
eg Edit plugin.1 or Edit.plugin.2
I want each plugin to open by an indexed controller?

I simply need the same functions as old (functional) generic remote

Where are these found??