Midi Remote overrides midi learn function of external vsti

After creating a custom map for my Novation Launchkey (took only a few minutes, thank you Steinberg!) I found out that third party plugins like Arturia or U-he dont respond to their own midi learn function any more. So does this mean when using the new Midi Remote i can only have 8 quick controls assigned to an instrument?
Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be multiple pages to switch to? There still is the ancient Generic Remote Editor right? Then i would not need this internal vsti midi learn function any more.

And I don’t know how to temporarily bypass this new Midi Remote without deleting it…!

Why did you have to create a custom script for the Novation launchkey?
Cubase 12 is supposed to fully support this controller.

Why do you think a factory preset would suit everyone’s needs? The only person who knows best is the one using it. That is a great thing about this new feature. Total freedom of programming. Well that should be the case when it’s fine tuned in a later version.

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Hi @Arthur_Antoine and @Xion, because the new MIDI Remote is much better. Especially now that the new Launchkey firmware has been released, you see the track colors on the device, how cool is that!
Regarding the factory “preset” not fitting: you can always “overmap” factory mappings to your needs.