Midi Remote Prev Track / Next Track Bug?


I’m using a Faderport 2 with the script provided by fellow Cubasist @WEM , and I’m also working on a custom script for my BCR2000, based on the work of @Giampaolo_Gesuale.

I noticed that the track selection works in a slightly odd way when I have automation lanes open in the project window.

Say I have Track 1 selected and both MIDI controllers control the parameters of this track.

Now when I hit Next Track ( = call “mixPage.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mAction.mNextTrack” in the script), the focus will jump on the automation lane instead of Track 2.

While the automation lane is selected, both MIDI controllers lose focus of Track 1 and they don’t control anything until I press Next Track again, when focus shifts to Track 2.

This can get difficult when I work with real world projects where a single track can have many automation lanes for different parameters.

It’s the same behaviour when I have the Mixer open.

I guess the workaround for now is to keep using the Faderport in MCU mode where the track selection works fine (with the known quirks of MCU) and lose the additional functionality of the custom script.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced it?


Cubase 12.0.40, Mac OS 12

When using the arrow keys to move up and down the track list, it also moves through lanes (automation as well as audio or midi lanes).

Wonder if that’s considered a feature rather than a bug, so commands, macros and PLE actions can be performed on those “tracks” as well (e.g. deleting a lane)?

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The current MIDI remote API is implemented this way, yes. The next&prev track commands are acting like when your stepping with the arrow keys through your project window.

There is no other suitable option at this moment for one-slider systems. If you have an board with 8 sliders you can use the makemixerbank (don’t know the exact command by mind) command. But then you end in a MCU like behavior with banks.

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Hi Nico,
I see what you mean although if it’s meant to be a feature I don’t agree with it :slight_smile:

In a mixing situation you want to be able to quickly jump through tracks regardless of how many automation lanes there are open in the project. Also the fact that the controller loses channel focus when an automation lane is selected makes it kinda useless.

I’m just another user, so I have no influence on Steinberg’s decisions.

But if it’s a feature and you want something different, or a preference setting for different software behavior, your chances of being heard may be better to make a feature request rather than a bug report.

Because software project managers often ignore bug reports, when the software is working as designed, but they may pay attention when you ask for a design change.