MIDI Remote reverse function?

Hi, i am looking before update my cubase Pro 11.
Is there a reverse fonction in Midi Remote for drawbars, Fader ?

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Do I understand you right, you want to receive the values 127-0, if you send the values 0-127, right?

You can setup the Value Min. to 127 and Value Max. to 0. Then the slider works in the opposite direction.


and this paramèter setting is in the Midi remote interface ?

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Yes, this is in the MIDI Remote Device configuration interface.

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You can also reverse per mapping parameter, rather than on a device level by setting Min:100% Max:0% -

That screenshot is from the lower section of the mapping assistant, as an example.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

And i have a organ with drawbars but i need a second contrĂ´ler to add some knobs .
Can we have two different divise in same time for a only one Remote control ?
because cubase ask the midi in and out …

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No, it’s one device per MIDI Remote Device. But you can have multiple MIDI Remote Devices in use at the same time.

Do you mean we don’t sélect one spécific remote control.
when it is created, we keep it in use in same time of an other ?


Yes, you can use multiple MIDI Remote Devices at the same time. You don’t select only one device.

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