MIDI Remote reverts to previous setting after I extend the list of parameters above 4

Hi, I’m currently building my own interface for my surface controller, and although I love the new features & functionality of the MIDI remote feature, it seems I have found a problem.
When assigning a parameter to the 'selected track / strip / saturation / parameter 6 ’ (after extending the range using the "host plugin parameter bank setup tool), I’ve noticed that the listed parameter defaults to parameter 4, after closing Cubase down and restarting.
Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it a bug?
Just to add, thank you to Steve Admin for solving my other issue, but reverting to 12.0.50 has not solved this problem.

Windows 10
Cubase 12.0.50
Qube Audio Mobi One controller

I have the strip all working perfectly fine here in 12.0.50.

But I’m not sure what you are referring to when you write this?

Are you referring to the action “Next Plug-In Parameter Bank”?
And if so, do you only have 6 faders on your controller since you need that.?


Hi, no, sorry that is not what I’m having issues with. Thank you.
It’s specifically as I described. When I’m trying to add an unlisted parameter in mapping assistant, when adding a channel strip fx control, in this instance saturation output, there is a function to extend the list of parameters above 4. When this is done, the function works perfectly, but as soon as Cubase is shut down, and restarted, it reverts to its highest listed parameter, parameter 4, instead of the allocated parameter 6.