MIDI Remote script for Personus ATOM SQ

I started work on a script for the Personus ATOM SQ and then realized someone else may have already done this. Anyone?

Hi, I work with Cubase 10 and I have an Atom SQ. How is the experience?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The script is not going to work with Cubase 10. The MIDI Remote wasn’t part of version 10 yet.

Thank you. I will consider upgrading to Cubase 12. If there is anything new about it, I will let you know.

This forum is a great experience. I’ve been working with Cubase since 1988 and seeing so many active people is very stimulating… I have upgraded to version 12 and there are many possibilities to use Atom SQ in this environment. Were you able to write any functional scripts? I’m a programmer and I’m curious to know how far I can go.

Hi, as a first step I would advice you to have a look at the Mapping Assistant. This way you can have a pretty good overview of what can be done by the API. Then, you can obviously go on with scripting (ES5 javascript) by following the examples’ snippets for a start and the API implementation html document. You can even have a look at scripts created by others, sometimes things get clearer when we’re in a doubt of how to implement this or that.

Thank you very much mchantzi . I am already working on it. I will see how far I can go. I have a StreamDeck XL and would like to complement it with the Atom XT. At least to assess if it’s worth it.

Hey admonitor, how far did you get with this? I have an Atom SQ and Cubase 13 but can’t seem to get them to talk to each other at all!

Hi Richard. I bought this great MIDI controller with the intention of using it with Cubase, encouraged by the scripting functionality using JS. I invested a lot of time, but the results were very limited. I am a restless programmer and expected to have more satisfactory results. Eventually, I sold this controller, almost as a revenge for the poor results. It’s a real shame that Presonus didn’t support this great product.

Liked this one :grinning: