Midi remote script for TouchOSC

Hi all,

My first attempt to create a midi remote script that collaborates with a custom TouchOSC template. The TouchOSC template is also in the attachment.

Let me hear what you think of it.

Expert feedback on the following would be appreciated:
I create 1 binding page with 2 subpages. However, in the cubase interface the subpages are shown as seperate mapping pages. I have no clue why this happens, as far as I can see I am creating them as subpages.

LoveMyKeys_TouchOSC.midiremote (28.9 KB)

Hi, you have to move all folders except from the Class, out of the midi remote folder. For reasons I have no idea about, and unfortunately quite busy to dive deeper, it seems to create the additional “Home” and “Shortcuts” pages. Somehow the compiler checks these files as well. @Jochen_Trappe , any hint on this?

As a side note, creating both a control and its binding at the same sub doesn’t look too appropriate to me, but if it works, it works.

The extra mapping pages that where shown seem to have originated from an earlier version of my script where I had not yet understood the concept of subpages. I orginaly created those pages as pages and not as subpages. That somehow got into the cache of the user settings. After I deleted all usersettings that problem was solved.

Right now I am following your lead and seperating mapping from binding. The only reason I had done this was for following OO guidelines. I had the mapping seperate initially but in that scenario the mapping logic had to have knowledge of the object structure created by the surface construction. Changing it to a toplevel constructor that creates a surface object registry that is used by the mapping logic.

Got it all working flawless now with seperation of creation and binding.

LoveMyKeys_TouchOSC.midiremote (28.4 KB)

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