Midi Remote scripts disappear on maintenance upgrade

In doing a Cubase 12 maintenance upgrade I found that all my midiremote scripts had been deleted. Luckily, I had uploaded them here to help other people out. I was able to download them from the forum and import the scripts successfully. But let that be lesson to others to back up the scripts somewhere just in case. I had changed them a little so I don’t have the latest version, but at least I don’t have to start from scratch.

They’re not in your backups?

The installer really does not delete user files, and certainly not files in the User Settings Folders. So, I’m wondering how something like this could happen.

Not sure, if it relates to the issue at hand:

If I recall it correctly, somewhere in the documentation for the MIDI Remote, it mentioned the two sub-folders in Driver Scripts:

  • Public (contents will be replaced whenever as Cubase update is installed)
  • Local (contents will not be replaced when Cubase update is installed)

On my Win10 system, it seems to have worked as specified, including the most recent 12.0.52 update.

The options are Project and Global. My scripts were global. It’s a mystery where the scripts went. I only mention it so people remember to back up the scripts just in case.

Sorry - I must have misunderstood what you’re talking about. I was referring to this snippet from the README_v1.html file.