Midi remote settings not saved

I am using Cubase 12 Elements with a MAudio Oxygen keyboard Controller. I have mapped the transport knobs to midi remote. However, when I return to my keyboard the next day, the mapped settings no longer work and I have to re-map again. Am I missing something? Sorry if this has been raised before. Thank you.


Does your Cubase quit properly? Or does it crash (silently) while quit by any chance? Do you see the Safe Start Dialog, when you start Cubase?

No it does not crash.


There is no factory script for this device, right?

You said:

Do you mean after Cubase restart or the computer restart?

No, there is no factory script. It happens after I re-start the computer (Windows 11)


After Cubase restart, the MIDI Remote remains?

If this is the case, do you have any application to automatic files cleaning by any chance?

Yes, Midi Remote remains after closing Cubase.
Can you explain automatic cleaning files application please? Thanks


I don’t know. Maybe some utility, which tried to keep the system clean, so it deletes files, which find them unnecessary?

I mean, if the settings remain after Cubase restart, then the issue is not in Cubase. It must be on the system level.

Thank you.

I find that if I go into Cubase without being connected to my keyboard or interface it wipes all of my midi remote settings. They do not return when I plug everything in. Is that a clue? Thanks


This is interesting. Thank you.

Did you make the MIDI Remote Device by using the Mapping Assistant or did you write/get a JavaScript code?

I used the mapping assistant.