Midi Remote Standart CC Question

Hello. I want to ask. Is it possible to map my faders on Controller via new MIDI remote to the standart CC like Modulation and Expression? Really can’t find where. Mapping assistant don’t find them… Please help

Map to a Quick Control that is set to the Midi CC - This is how I use it with my motorized faders and its kind cool watching them wizz about with the automation. ;;;;;;
Set your midi control to the desired CC and don’t map it in midi remote and keep All Midi In on - it will then pass straight through untouched by midi remote

To my knowledge at the moment it is not possible to Map a midi CC to a different Midi CC via midi remote - and Steinberg know this is a request. They mapped to Quick Controls in the initial implementation.

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Thank you very much. So for example I need to add faders via midi remote and map them to the Quick Controlls. Then I need to open. Kontakt for example and vial learn button need to map Modulation, Expression and Vibrato to the Quick Controlls? Right? I am also prefer to see the curves via automation under the part then in the clip.
Do does I understand you correctly?

Almost - map controller so quick controls yes. There are two set of Quick Controls. Track Quick Controls are part of the Inspector and Focus Quick Controls will be either Track or VST QCs depending on whether or not the VST Plugin window is open.

For CC I use Track Quick controls and in the Inspector you can click on the QC you want to be a CC and in the VERY long menu options you will find MIDI CCs - select the one you want on that control and then enable Write automation and off you go.

The only downside I have found is whilst the Automation will follow the part if you move it, if you are in the Note editor then the automation doesn’t move with notes. Thankfully you can convert the MIDI Automation into standard MIDI and even Note Expression (there are options like Record MIDI in Loop and Transform MIDI to Note Expression - and back again). There’s quite a few youtube videos on the process so google away until you find one that suits you.
One thing I did note with round tripping is the Automation approach appears to be much higher resolution and more refined editing than CCs in the MIDI editor (which is good). If you round trip you will lose some of that smoothness - not that I can hear the difference.

Ok, thanks. Not the simple way of course, but it’s better than nothing… hope that Steinberg will add mapping for the standart midi CC…
But the way I was combined two ways in one right now. I was programmed my controller via standart CC and also add the Volume of Control Room via Midi Remote. Works well, but in this way of course I will see my midid cc in the clip…