MIDI remote stops working for Launchkey 61 - How to fix without uninstalling Cubase?

I had this issue previously with my Launckey 61. The default MIDI Remote settings worked and i was able to view it right away.

A month later, it stopped working, even though the script was still in the place it was supposed to be. No matter what I did, the only way to fix it was uninstall and reinstall cubase.

Now another month has gone by and the issue has returned. Is there any way to make this stable without having to constantly uninstall and reinstall cubase?

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro on a M1 Macbook Pro FYI


Did you try to change (and revert) the MIDI In and Out, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks, I tried that and no luck.

Last time it was solved by an uninstall and reinstall. Any idea why that might be? Perhaps I could try a few things before doing that again.

Hi Martin,

I have figured it out. For all Mac users, this is how I did it: System Settings → Privacy & Security → Files and Folders → Cubase → Make sure “Documents” is checked.

When Documents is checked, it allows Cubase to read the MIDI remote script that is under Documents → Steinberg. For some reason mine had turned off at some point.

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