Midi Remote - The nice thing or not?

Yes, it is a nice function, but i don’t understand that the programmer of it , don’t go any further.
This function had to work in both direction, so that i can move the sliders etc, on the graphic and control my hardware.
I have tried to remote my hardware with the Midi Editor but this is not so easy like they discribe in some totorials and the graphics are not so nice .

So for the future , it would be nice to have the bidirectional funktion in the MIDI Remote.

I’m sure the implementation of the Led’s and screens on remote controllers will be a paid for updated , bit of a con if you ask me .
(Oppsss id better be careful ive posted a negative comment about the lego Remote . Waiting for the usual suspects for dummy spitting )
There was so much potential but the sad facts are , it’s 3/4’s finished , Generical remotes broken on certain things to half implement the 3/4’s finished lego remote

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