Midi Remote, there are no byPass actions (send, eq, insert) on the selected track

With the new remote midi the byPasses of the selected channel have been eliminated, so to speak (send, EQ, insert) as I have attached. There are only as commands, but so I don’t have the callback of the leds.



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Use the Project Logical Editor and lay down this PLE Preset on the desired key on your Controller:

This Example ist in German and for EQ. You have to set two others for Send an Insert.

the keyboard command exists, but you don’t have a callback to turn on the LED of my controller, with the old generic remote this works, so it has been removed.

Because there is no toggle option for these commands with the new mapping assistant. I assume this is true for any command that you pick.

You are right. The visual feedback on the controller is missing. For the pre section there is a dedicated bypass command with visual feedback. This would then have to be added for EQ, inserts and sends under the Selected Track section by Steinberg in an update!

I ran into this earlier, and then tried to fix it by calling key commands. I don’t think you can call key commands from and MR. That’s a shame.

All of the track manipulations one does on a regular bases are missing, or do not work for MIDI tracks, which hinders a lot of people’s work flow. Also the “write” key command isn’t working.

The button from the MR is the only way to do it now, or maybe a GR.

Hopefully there will be a lot added or fixed in the update.

You can make a PLE to do the thing you need done, and then bind the MR to the PLE. That is a good workaround, but it means that if you share the script, the user will need the same PLEs, and there will be no feedback.

To get around the feedback issue, you can make your device be in Toggle mode if it has one, and the MR NOT in toggle mode. That means a syx will be required. But it also means that all such features you add to the script will be limited to a set of buttons that are always in Toggle mode.

On the Launch Control XL, I picked the 4 side buttons that are only ever yellow, and always use them where no LED is off, and LED is on, with the LCXL in Toggle mode for those 4 buttons. Luckily with the LCXL there are multiple user settings available so you can switch between them if this gets too much.