MIDI Remote to Quick Control focus broken on MIDI tracks?

Repro: (You need to set up a MIDI remote device with Quick Control focus first)

  1. Setup an empty Instrument track
  2. Assign the first Quick Control to a Controller Change (I used CC#1-modulation)
  3. Move your MIDI remote fader/knob on your hardware device
  4. Result: Quick Control (blue line) in inspector moves, it works as expected.
    Then do the exact same procedure, except with an empty MIDI track instead.
    Result: No movement of Quick Control from moving fader/knob on the MIDI remote device, the link from hardware to QC seems broken:(
    Can anyone reproduce? Is it a bug?

This crazy QC thing, It’s so confusing. MIDI track QCs are Track QCs.

Totally agree. Took some time for me to get it (I’ve been using Cubase since v 1.0!). I’m only referring to two types of tracks here: 1- Pure MIDI tracks and 2- Instrument Tracks (both can have MIDI events on them!). I use mostly MIDI tracks for my external hardware synths. I use QCs to send Controller change data to them. It worked on both type of tracks (MIDI/Instruments) with the old system (Remote devices), but now (With the new MIDI remote) it only works on the Instrument Tracks here.