Midi Remote: Trackname and Color?

Is there any way to transmit the Trackname and the Trackcolor via some kind of MIDI message?
With or without using the Midi Remote interface?

I tried Mackie Control and the other remote control protocols. Bu from what I see is that Mackie Control limits the name to 7 characters and I do not see any color information. Other seem to have even less characters.


Yes, it is possible via MIDI Remote:

// Track Name
selectedTrackChannel.mOnTitleChange = function (activeDevice, activeMapping, objectTitle) {
	sendSysEx(activeDevice, objectTitle)
// Track Color
selectedTrackChannel.mOnColorChange = function (activeDevice, activeMapping, r, g, b, a, isActive) {
	var rgbaString = r.toString() + g.toString() + b.toString() + a.toString()
	sendSysEx(activeDevice, rgbaString)

I send it via SysEx message to the hardware device. Of course, you can choose other way.