Midi Remote - Transmit to Hardware MIDI thru issue

Hi all,

Using Touch OSC (on an iPad) with the ‘Legacy Generic Remote’ workes flawless already for over 10 years. Now there is a new function ‘Midi remote’, :thinking:


The tick ‘Transmit to Hardware’ (in edit mode - properties) also sends all MIDI data thru while moving faders in Touch OSC … That should not be happening . My iPad goes crazy with all the data it gets back via MIDI thru. I tried deactivating ‘Prefs - MIDI thru’, without any effect.

It’s not an option to untick ‘Transmit to Hardware’ because then I get no feedback when I move faders in the cubase mixer. To be clear: in ‘Generic Remote’ everything is ok.

Help is much appreciated.

greets, Rob

No one?

Hi @robbiemaas64 , I understand your issue and will report that for further investigation.