MIDI Remote V12.0.51 Bugs?

Hi, I’m currently building my own interface for my surface controller, and although I love the new features & functionality of the MIDI remote feature, it seems I have found a bug (or two).
When assigning a parameter to the 'selected track / strip / saturation / parameter 6 '(after extending the range using the "host plugin parameter bank setup tool), I’ve noticed that the listed parameter defaults to parameter 4, after closing Cubase down and restarting.
Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it a bug?

I’ve also noticed a problem whenever I try to assign ‘Select Next track’ and ‘Select Previous track’ to a button, I get the message “A serious problem has occurred …”
Can anyone help with this?

Windows 10
Cubase 12 pro
Qube Audio Mobi One Controller

Solution: Roll back to 12.0.50

See Cubase 12.0.51 crash - need to roll back to 12.0.50 - #29 by Jochen_Trappe

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